Who We Are

The Dog Tracking Club of Maine (DTCM) was formed in 1993 with the stated objectives to:

a.) Encourage and promote the use of dogs in tracking and to do all possible to develop this natural ability.

b.) Conduct tracking tests and sanctioned tracking matches under the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club.

c.) Do all possible to promote, develop, and advance the sport of tracking.


The club is incorporated in the State of Maine, as a not for profit organization. Membership is open to all persons who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and who subscribe to the stated purposes of the Club. We are licensed by the American Kennel Club to hold both the Tracking Dog Test (TD), the Tracking Dog Excellent Test (TDX) and the Variable Surface Tracking Test (VST).

CLICK HERE to view the Dog Tracking Club of Maine Constitution


What We Do

The DTCM holds one or more AKC sanctioned tracking tests and Scent Dog Trials each year. For specific information about our tests and other events, please consult the Events & Tests page on this website. If you are new to the sport of dog tracking, please visit our Info page which explains the sport. The Club holds training clinics for both beginners and advance tracking/scent dogs. We also have Tracking Judges among our membership who can test and certify the dog for the Tracking Dog Test.  Check our EVENTS page for a membership application!

Member Achievements

Robert Cuzner; Shaquil’s Black Tie Formal TD, CKC TD & McDerry’s Lovely Layla, TD, TDX & Puddleduck’s Sunshine on my Shoulder SCN, SEN (Labradors)
Charlotte Cuzner;
McDerry’s Lovely Layla TD, CKC TD (Labrador)
Judith Herman
; CT Marithyme’s Bryan Bumboo & Otterbrook’s Bryce TD (Golden Retrievers)
Gina Snow
; Castlewood’s Moby TD, TDU & Swanback’s Cue SCN (Russell Terriers)
Sally Bradford;
Sleepy Point Thrice Spice TD (Springer Spaniel)
Carl Weston; Alice Allie Weston vom Kraftwerk TD, TDU, TDX (GSD)
Ginny Howe;
Ylie de Chateau Blanc TD (Belgian Turv) & La Brise Timbalier Bay TD (Pyr Shep)


Dog Tracking Club of Maine 2019 Officers and Contacts

Virginia Howe

Vice President
Judy Herman

Sara Pruyne

Bob Cuzner

Corresponding Secretary
Pat Aube

Board of Directors
Sally Bradford
Linda McSherry
Eric Lawson

General Questions